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Essex County Council: UK’s first electric vehicle forecourt

  • Location: Braintree

  • Purpose: Essex County Council set out their priorities for improving residents' quality of life. These include the environment and promoting health, care and wellbeing for all ages. As part of these priorities the Council pledged to reach net zero by 2050. One of the priorities for reaching net zero by 2050 for the council is focussing on how to decarbonise transport, given that Essex is 72% rural.

  • Description: The forecourt has 36 electric vehicle charging bays, a multi megawatt on-site battery storage and solar PV canopy. The chargers can deliver up to 350kW charging power and can give users up to 200 miles range in 20 minutes. The forecourt is powered by the solar power canopies above the chargers, and a network of hybrid solar farms operated by the project partner GRIDSERVE. This means that the forecourt runs on 100% renewable energy.

  • Funding: The project was funded by GRIDSERVE, Hitachi Capital (UK), Innovate UK and OZEV.

  • Conservative councillor/ council lead: Cllr Lee Scott

  • Further links: Gridserve website and Net Zero: Making Essex Carbon Neutral paper.


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