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Our nature programme

We work with Conservative parliamentarians and councillors to champion market-led and conservative solutions to restore our natural environment.


We have a responsibility to halt the decline in biodiversity this decade by producing food sustainably, using our resources more efficiently, cleaning up our rivers and seas, building homes in a nature-friendly way, and properly protecting areas for nature on land and at sea.


We believe that farmers are the custodians of our countryside and that public money should pay for the delivery of environmental public goods which are not adequately rewarded by the market.


Our nature programme is currently working on policies and campaigns to tackle water pollution, develop a more sustainable food system using our post-Brexit freedoms, create a more resource efficient economy, and protect and manage 30 per cent of our land for nature by 2030.

Latest nature news and opinion


Nature publications and campaigns

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Branching Out

This manifesto puts forward a plan to revive trees, woodland, and forests across the UK. This realistic but ambitious approach is designed to boost our timber security, restore nature across Britain, support industries critical to delivering net zero emissions by 2050, and add well-paying jobs along the supply chain.

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Changing Course

A manifesto with six ambitious, conservative policies to restore the health of the rivers, seas, and waterways that have shaped and defined our country throughout its history.


Protect our Great British Penguins

CEN is calling on the government to extend the Blue Belt marine protections to include the British overseas territory of South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands 


The CEN Manifesto

This manifesto sets out a path to a new era of green infrastructure that will deliver economic regeneration alongside natural restoration right across the country.

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Ploughing Ahead

This manifesto puts forward pragmatic, conservative policies to fairly support farmers and promote environmental practices, thereby protecting the UK’s long-term food security, encouraging sustainable farming, and boosting biodiversity. 

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Protect our precious peatlands

CEN is calling on the government to deliver on its commitment to ban peat from the retail horticulture (amateur gardening) sector. 


Green Albion

Twelve essays from leading Conservative parliamentarians, containing bold ideas to restore nature, produce nutritious food sustainably, and reduce our environmental footprint.

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