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"Society is indeed a contract. It is a partnership not only between those who are living but between those who are living, those who are dead, and those who are to be born."

Edmund Burke

Reflections on the Revolution in France, 1790



The Conservative Environment Network (CEN) is an independent forum for conservatives in the UK and around the world who support net zero, nature restoration and resource security.

We are a broad network united around shared principles, which brings conservatives together to debate environmental issues, find consensus, and promote market-based solutions.

Like the founder of modern conservatism Edmund Burke, we believe we have a duty to protect our natural inheritance for future generations.

As conservative environmentalists, we believe that man-made climate change and the decline of nature are a threat to our national prosperity and security. 

We believe only a conservative approach can unite people, grow our economy, and protect our environment.

We support science-based environmental action, which empowers individuals and harnesses the power of the free market.

Our network

We work with like-minded conservative environmentalists across the UK and abroad.

  • Over 150 MPs and peers are members of CEN’s Parliamentary Caucus. 

  • Over 500 councillors are members of CEN’s Councillor Network.

  • More than 300 legislators from over 45 countries signed our Centre-Right Climate Action Declaration in 2021, supporting net zero by 2050. 

Our work


We have three work programmes, covering climate, nature and international. 

Our climate and nature programmes bring together conservatives in local government, devolved parliaments, and Westminster to debate environmental issues and promote conservative solutions to climate change and nature’s decline.

Our international programme brings together centre-right legislators and political parties from across the globe to champion conservative environmentalism, share market-led solutions, and promote environmental action worldwide.

Our funding

We believe in transparency and have committed to annually publishing a breakdown of our sources of income and significant funders. In the last financial year, 2021/22, we were funded by:


  • Grants (83% of our income), including European Climate Foundation, Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, Oak Foundation, WWF-UK, and Clean Air Fund.

  • Sponsorship from businesses and charities (10% of our income), including Wildlife Trusts, Enertechnos, Woodland Trust, RSPB, CPRE, Smart Energy GB, Storrega Geotechnologies, EDF Energy, VOI, Technology, Opinium Research, Aon UK, Pasture-Fed Livestock Association, Sustain, WWF-UK, Marine Conservation Society, AAL Investments, and RenewableUK.

  • Donations from individuals (7% of our income). 


We’re very grateful to all those who have supported CEN financially and made our work possible.  

Our annual report

We publish a brief annual report on CEN's work. You can read the latest report below.

June 2021 - June 2022 | CEN annual report

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