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Ploughing Ahead: A manifesto for farming and our natural environment


Farmers play a unique role in the UK’s society: they produce 60% of the food we eat, tender 71% of our country’s land mass, and stitch rural communities and economies together. As we approach the two year anniversary of the Ukraine invasion, farmers' role in ensuring the UK’s food security - as well as looking after the UK’s environment - remains vital. 


But, farmers are facing new challenges from climate change and increased financial pressure. This manifesto puts forward pragmatic, conservative policies to fairly support farmers and promote environmental practices, thereby protecting the UK’s long-term food security, encouraging sustainable farming, and boosting biodiversity. 

That is why we have come together to put forward this farming manifesto to outline how the government can harness Brexit freedoms to fairly reward and encourage sustainable farming.


The manifesto proposes four key areas for the government to address before the election and beyond: strengthen farmers’ finances to reward their stewardship of the natural world; build fairer food markets for sustainable produce; cut planning red tape to help farmers go green; and boost British agri-tech to reduce inputs.

Signed by

Peter Aldous MP

Duncan Baker MP

Steve Brine MP

Sir Robert Buckland MP

Greg Clark MP

Elliot Colburn MP

Flick Drummond MP

Philip Dunne MP

Mark Garnier MP

Peter Gibson MP

Jo Gideon MP

James Gray MP

Damian Green MP

Trudy Harrison MP

Sally-Ann Hart MP

Sir Oliver Heald MP

Alicia Kearns MP

Pauline Latham MP

Tim Loughton MP

Anthony Mangnall MP

Jerome Mayhew MP

Selaine Saxby MP

Andrew Selous MP

Theresa Villiers MP

Lord Thomas Leicester

Lord David Blencathra

Lord John Taylor

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Full manifesto, including introduction

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2. Building fairer food markets for sustainable produce

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4. Boosting British agri-tech to improve productivity and reduce environmentally-harmful inputs.

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1. Strengthening farmers’ finances to reward their stewardship of the natural world

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3. Cutting planning red tape to help farmers go green

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