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Green Albion: Restoring our green and pleasant land

The collection features twelve essays from leading Conservative parliamentarians, containing bold ideas to restore nature, produce nutritious food sustainably, and reduce our environmental footprint.

CEN’s authors explain the dangers posed by climate and ecological decline, not least to domestic food production, and propose an ambitious programme of nature restoration alongside profitable regenerative farming and new opportunities in novel food technologies.

The collection, which includes a foreword from the Farming, Fisheries and Food Minister, Victoria Prentis, puts forward a range of pro-market policies and arguments to mobilise more private finance for nature restoration and regenerative farming. It includes policies to equip farmers and land managers with the skills and knowledge to embrace these new opportunities and proposals to conserve and enhance our treasured habitats like woodlands, peatlands, rivers and saltmarshes.

Green Albion is a blueprint for restoring our natural inheritance.


Essay authors​

  • Victoria Prentis MP: Ministerial foreword

  • Siobhan Baillie MP: Restoring Britain’s great wetlands

  • Robert Largan MP: Protecting our peatlands

  • Michael Fabricant MP: Expanding our woodlands

  • Sally-Ann Hart MP: Bolstering our blue carbon habitats

  • Andrew Selous MP: Enhancing nature in our protected landscapes

  • Craig Williams MP: Rescuing Britain’s rivers

  • Anthony Mangnall MP: Regenerating our green and pleasant land

  • Jerome Mayhew MP: Leading the fourth agricultural revolution

  • Jonathan Djanogly MP: Raising the steaks on cellular agriculture

  • Baroness Jenkin of Kennington: Making more space for nature with less waste

  • Pauline Latham MP: Restricting the role of biomass

  • Ruth Edwards MP: Ditching deforestation

  • Ben Goldsmith: Afterword

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