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Lancashire County Council: Morecambe West End (Sandylands) Liveable Neighbourhood

  • Location: West End, Morecambe

  • Purpose: The West End area of Morecambe has experienced above the national average level of traffic collisions. Over half of the injured pedestrians were children. Many residents don’t have access to a private vehicle, so the county council has decided to create a ‘liveable neighbourhood’ to support residents to walk and cycle to create a more pleasant place to live.

  • Description: The programme will see measures to reduce the flow and quantity of traffic and tackle rat running on residential streets, new crossing points to encourage walking and cycling (particularly on school routes), new secure cycle storage and street planters for nicer scenery. The measures will be put forward in a comprehensive community consultation, with residents able to flag individual issues on their streets they want tackled, with the intention to see the liveable neighbourhood created in 2023.

  • Funding: Department for Transport’s Active Travel Fund (ATF). To extend the ‘Liveable Neighbourhood’ programme across the county, the council has bid into the Levelling up Fund.

  • Conservative councillor/ council lead: Cabinet Member for Community and Cultural Services, Cllr Peter Buckley, Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport, Cllr Charles Edwards and Cabinet Member for Environment and Climate Change, Cllr Shaun Turner.

  • Further links: Lancashire County Council website announcement and the Levelling Up Bid page.


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