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Kent County Council and Canterbury City Council: Herne Bay Community Energy Project

  • Location: Greenhill, Herne Bay

  • Purpose: Both Kent and Canterbury City Council have targets to reach net zero for their own emissions by 2030. Both councils want to reduce their emissions to progress to net zero as soon as possible, but also attract other industries into the area with their supply of new carbon-free, low-cost energy sources.

  • Description: Canterbury Council negotiated with Vattenfall to put solar panels on three community buildings (two schools and a senior citizens club). Kent County Council matched the contribution that Vattenfall made by bidding into the Public Sector Decarbonisation Fund for the two schools.

  • Funding: Vattenfall and Kent County Council through the Public Sector Decarbonisation Fund.

  • Conservative councillor/ council lead: Greenhill Councillor, Dan Watkins

  • Further links: Kent Online write up.


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