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Green Tories welcome measures to boost insulation and renewables

Director of the Conservative Environment Network (CEN) Sam Hall today commented on the Chancellor’s Growth Plan.

“It was welcome to hear the Chancellor acknowledge the role that clean energy can play in boosting growth. His bold programme of tax cuts will help our world-leading green businesses invest more and grow. With 90% of the world economy covered by net zero targets, innovative British businesses can export their clean technologies and environmental services around the world, driving job creation and investment across the UK.

“It is brilliant news that the Chancellor has listened to calls from the Conservative Environment Network for a significant expansion of insulation funding. We also warmly welcome changes to speed up planning for offshore wind farms, to lift the ban on English onshore wind farms, and to fund legacy renewables costs out of general taxation. Renewables and insulation will not only permanently lower bills and accelerate progress towards net zero, but strengthen our energy security and protect the UK from Vladimir Putin’s weaponisation of Russian gas reserves.

“As the Treasury-commissioned Dasgupta review into the economics of biodiversity showed, economic prosperity also requires a healthy natural environment, however. Outside the EU there is an opportunity to reform and simplify environmental regulations, but safeguards for nature must not be weakened.”


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