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CEN comment on Prime Minister's net zero speech

Responding to today's speech by the Prime Minister on net zero, Director of the Conservative Environment Network, Sam Hall, has commented:

"This was an unnecessary speech that risks damaging the Conservative Party's hard-won reputation on environmental issues. Today the PM has changed little of substance besides delaying the transition to electric cars. Sticking to the 2030 deadline would have saved UK motorists money, supported car firms that have invested in new EV factories, and unlocked crucial investment in charge point infrastructure. New measures to speed up grid infrastructure and incentivise heat pump uptake are very welcome, however.

"But the framing of today's announcements has created an unhelpful impression for voters that the party is backtracking on climate action. It was a missed opportunity to make a positive case for net zero Britain, which is a flagship government policy, reassure industry, and explain the trade-offs involved in slower emissions reduction, namely lost green investment and more expensive climate impacts in Britain."


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