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Green Tories: Gas crisis cost underlines case for net zero

Director of the Conservative Environment Network (CEN) Sam Hall today commented on the Prime Minister’s plan to combat the gas crisis.

“The Prime Minister's plan for an energy price guarantee will give welcome protection to families and businesses from sky-high gas prices caused by Vladimir Putin's war in Ukraine.

"The huge price tag for this unprecedented intervention lays bare the cost of our reliance on volatile and expensive gas. Delivering net zero, which I'm delighted the Prime Minister has committed to again today, is the right strategy for reducing our gas dependency. It will make us a net energy exporter and unleash cheap energy to drive economic growth.

"The Prime Minister's supply-side revolution to combat the root causes of the gas crisis is sensible. But as well as lifting the moratorium on fracking, she should remove barriers to onshore renewables, which are cheaper and more popular. Without these barriers, renewables will outcompete fossil fuels.

“In his fiscal event later this month, I hope the Chancellor announces funding for a major insulation scheme. Tackling the wasting of gas will reduce the cost of the energy price guarantee to Treasury and improve our energy security."


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