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Gloucestershire County Council: Gloucester to Cheltenham (G2C)

  • Location: Gloucester and Cheltenham A40

  • Purpose: Gloucestershire County Council was concerned about the amount of congestion between Gloucester and Cheltenham, the county’s two main economic hubs. It impacts residents' wellbeing, pollutes the environment, and limits economic growth. The two towns' main connection is an A-road, making cycling unsafe and straining the area's popular bus routes. The council also has wider ambitions to increase the number of journeys taken by active travel and to reach net zero by 2045.

  • Description: The G2C route was designed to be a commuter pathway so that cyclists of all abilities and physical fitness would benefit from a quicker route between the towns. To ensure that the G2C route was beneficial to residents the council undertook an extensive community engagement programme. This included working with organisations like Sustrans, local schools, the local NHS Trust, businesses, and transport providers, as well as residents. The route feeds into the National Cycle Network and will constantly be monitored to make improvements and make extensions to the scheme.

  • Funding: The G2C was co-funded from Gloucestershire County Council’s transport budget for the wider cycle spin route. Other contributions came from National Highways, developer contributions, and the Active Travel Fund.

  • Conservative councillor/ council lead: Cllr Dom Morris, Cabinet Member for Highways and Floods

  • Further links: Glos News write up, UK100 case study contribution, Have your say Gloucestershire website, and Gloucestershire County Council website.


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