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Essex County Council: Micro-grants for local refill and reuse projects

  • Location: Essex

  • Purpose: Essex County Council wants to reduce waste being produced throughout the county.  

  • Description: The Love Essex campaign specifically promotes repairing, reusing, and recycling household waste. It gives out micro-grants of up to £500 to support individuals, local organisations, and schools with projects that encourage waste reduction. Individuals, schools, and organisations based in Essex are encouraged to apply for a £500 grant that either:

  • Encourages households to reduce the quantity of waste they produce;

  • Prevents a specific type of waste being thrown away;

  • Inspires creativity and sustainability with waste;

  • Creates opportunities that build an environmentally friendly community.

Previous projects that have received a grant include: a mobile boutique for second-hand clothing; a local football club providing members with reusable bottles; and an electronic repairs service. Those who successfully receive the grant have to report their progress and how they have used the funding to the council. This helps to show where the campaign has helped to reduce the county’s waste. 

  • Conservative councillor/ council lead: Cllr Malcolm Robert Buckley, cabinet member for waste reduction and recycling.

  • Further links: Council ‘Love Essex’ website, Love Essex application page, and Essex Waste partnership page.


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