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Comment on the Climate Change Committee’s 2023 Progress Report

Responding to today’s publication of the Climate Change Committee’s 2023 Progress Report, Sam Hall, Director of the Conservative Environment Network, said:

“Rapid emissions reduction has been one of the most substantial achievements of successive Conservative governments. But today’s report from the Climate Change Committee is an urgent reminder that climate leadership can’t be taken for granted.

“Action must now be stepped up and accelerated if the UK is to stay ahead in the race to net zero. We need more detail on how our targets for zero carbon power and sustainable land management can be achieved in practice. We need policies to unlock private investment in greener forms of industry and home energy efficiency.

“Climate change remains a top five issue for voters. Ahead of the next election, the Conservatives can't be complacent about past successes. They need to offer the electorate an ambitious and positive plan for the next stages of decarbonisation.”


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