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Comment on Budget

Responding to the Chancellor’s Budget today, Director of the Conservative Environment Network Sam Hall commented: "The measures announced by the Chancellor today take us closer to net zero. Extra funding for carbon capture and small nuclear reactors could cut carbon, grow the economy, and create jobs.

"The Chancellor is right to champion the UK as a world leader in cheap, homegrown renewables thanks to Conservative policies like the Contracts for Difference. But with the USA and EU offering enormous green subsidies, the UK needs to up its game to remain an attractive place to invest in wind and solar.

"Introducing full capital expensing is very welcome, and it will help attract more investment in renewable generation and the supply chain. But bolder action is needed to encourage businesses to choose Britain for building the next generation of clean industries like sustainable aviation fuel and green hydrogen.

"Setting out further measures over the coming months will not only signal the UK's intent to win the green industrial revolution race to investors, but it will also demonstrate the Conservative Party's environmental ambitions to voters ahead of the next election."


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