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Aylesbury Vale District Council: Kingsbrook

  • Location: Oakfield Village, Aylesbury

  • Purpose: Aylesbury Vale District Council had concerns about the impact of development putting pressure on declining natural habitats. It decided to only grant planning permission on the Oakfield Village land if the developer made a commitment to protect local wildlife. Barratt Homes were granted planning permission as long as they worked with the RSPB formulated standard for developments to follow in order to protect wildlife. Following the success of the Kingsbrook development, the RPSB and Barratt Homes have created a landscape design guide called ‘building homes for nature’ for others to follow.

  • Description: The development consists of 2,450 new homes which contain wildlife verges, bat boxes, hedgehog highways, swift bricks, native tree planting and wildlife friendly gardens. Before construction started RSPB commissioned their field workers to survey the wildlife on the Oakfield site, this will help track the impact of the development on the local wildlife. The development also had sustainability built into its core with cycle paths along the green spaces and an integrated sustainable drainage system with permeable paving and pools in the community. Overall, the Oakfield Village development will consist of 60% green space.

  • Conservative councillor/ council lead: Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Planning and Regeneration, Gareth Williams, Barratt Homes Head offices and the RSPB team

  • Further links: Giving nature a Barratt Home website, RSPB The power of partnerships: building homes for nature briefing and Barratt Homes, Bringing your garden to life briefing.


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