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Tories call for 'Clarkson clause' to relax planning rules for farmers

A group of pro-green Conservative MPs is championing the introduction of a "Clarkson clause" named after the popular television presenter and farmer Jeremy Clarkson. This would permit farmers to establish farm shops without the hassle of obtaining planning permission.

The Conservative Environment Network (CEN) is also calling for greater freedom to put up wind turbines and solar panels on farmland.

The proposed clause is part of an extensive plan aiming to promote sustainable practices and support local farming.

The CEN says increased liberties to install wind turbines and solar panels on agricultural land would help contribute to the global aim to transition towards renewable energy sources. It said this would also reduce carbon emissions.

The CEN is also urging supermarkets to pay higher prices for sustainable food, incentivising farmers to adopt eco-friendly practices. It proposes a "buy British" button on websites, allowing consumers to filter shops by non-UK-grown food and support local producers.

To address any concerns that farmers may have, members have suggested that Chancellor Jeremy Hunt should eliminate inheritance tax on re-wilded farmland. They say this tax exemption could encourage more farmers to restore their land to its natural state, benefiting biodiversity and combating climate change.


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