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Switch to renewable energy easier in Union, poll finds

More than half of Scottish voters believe being part of the UK makes it easier to transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy, according to a poll.

Research by Stack Data Strategy found that a majority of people think that the Union helps smooth the path for major infrastructure upgrades and investment in innovative technology.

The poll, which was commissioned by the Conservative Environment Network, found that 49 per cent of people think Scotland would be more likely to host another global climate change conference as part of the Union.

Glasgow was the venue for last year’s Cop26, but just 22 per cent of those asked thought a repeat would be more likely if Scotland was independent.

Sam Hall, director of the Conservative Environment Network, said : “Net zero is easier as one United Kingdom. By pooling our financial resources, trading renewable energy freely, and speaking as one loud voice on the global stage, the United Kingdom can be a more effective champion of climate action than if the country was broken up. Climate action is one of many reasons why we are better together.”

Liam Kerr, the Scottish Conservative net zero, energy, and transport spokesman, said: “We can already see the benefits of the Union for unlocking investment in our world-leading offshore wind sector.”

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