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Green Tories urge Jeremy Hunt to unveil Budget stamp duty cut for energy efficient homes that would reduce domestic bills and speed up improvements to UK homes that are the leakiest and coldest in Eur

Sam Hall, the director of CEN, added: 'At this critical pre-election Budget, the Chancellor will have to respond to calls from a wide range of Conservatives to lower the tax burden from its historic highs. It will also be a key moment to set out a positive and popular vision on the environment and offer a conservative alternative to Labour's green borrowing plan. 

That's why the Chancellor should announce green tax cuts to tackle inflation and help grow the economy. In particular, the Chancellor should announce stamp duty tax cuts for energy efficient homes. 

'The UK is currently home to the leakiest houses in Europe and slow rates of efficiency improvements are leading to households wasting hundreds of pounds on their energy bills each year.

'By offering a stamp duty cut prior to sale, and a rebate for those who insulate their homes after purchase, the government will create a powerful new incentive to improve household energy efficiency, cutting our gas imports and leaving more money in people's pockets.'

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