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Green Tories comment on Prime Minister’s energy announcement

Responding to the Prime Minister’s energy announcement today, Lynsey Jones, Spokesman for the Conservative Environment Network, commented: "With the impacts of climate change visibly worsening and the competition to win net zero investment intensifying, the UK needs bolder action to reach net zero by 2050. The Prime Minister's announcement of two new carbon capture and storage clusters in the North Sea is welcome to develop this crucial industry. We can be a world leader in this technology, bringing investment to our shores, creating skilled jobs, and selling the service to other European countries.

"But as long as we heavily rely on fossil fuels, the UK will be vulnerable to price shocks from volatile international markets. The best way to secure our energy supply and cut people's bills is to accelerate homegrown renewables.

"While we will continue to use some oil and gas up to and beyond 2050, its role in powering Britain will diminish quickly. That's why the government should focus on accelerating renewables. Unlocking onshore wind in England, liberalising offshore wind and offering tax breaks for clean energy investment is the best path to secure cheap, clean energy."

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