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Comment on Boris Johnson’s resignation as Leader of the Conservative Party

Responding to Boris Johnson’s resignation as Leader of the Conservative Party, the Conservative Environment Network commented:

“People will debate the events of recent months and the manner of his departure, but Boris Johnson leaves office with a strong record on the environment. He and his ministers have recognised not just the necessity of restoring nature and delivering net zero, but also the huge opportunities for boosting UK security and prosperity from doing so. He is to be applauded for the UK's leadership in seizing the green opportunities of Brexit, raising global ambitions on climate change at COP26, and ramping up clean energy production.

“His successor needs to stay the course and make the environment a key priority for the government, as it clearly is for the public. With a cost of living crisis and a war in Europe that is stoking food and energy insecurity, it is imperative that the next Prime Minister pursues policies that meet these challenges and protect the environment. This will be good for jobs, good for growth, and good for the UK's place in the world.”


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