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Tory MPs pile pressure on Sunak to retain green policies

Sir Simon Clarke, former levelling up secretary, and ex- health secretary, now independent MP, Matt Hancock have entered the debate on phasing out petrol and diesel cars by 2030.

Clarke, also a former Treasury minister, said the “ambitious target” was “driving investment into our country”, citing the £4bn Jaguar Land Rover battery factory.

He warned: “Delaying the target risks losing UK jobs and industry overseas.”

While Johnson-era minister Hancock said the “impact of climate change across Europe and across the world” was apparent, noting the recent “hottest days in recorded history”.

He said: “Delaying the move away from fossil-fuel cars would be completely irresponsible.

“We need to drive down the prices of electric and other zero emission vehicles so more people can afford them.

“Electric vehicles will have a lower sticker price than fossil-fuel cars within just a few years, but the costs have already fallen dramatically and will fall even more as the industry grows.

“Delaying the target would deter the investment and jobs and innovation we need to see.”

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