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Tory MPs back mandatory swift bricks in all new homes to help declining birds

Conservative MPs are joining calls for a new law to guarantee swift bricks in every new home to help the rapidly declining bird and other endangered roof-nesting species.

CEN MP Duncan Baker said: "Swift bricks are a straightforward and inexpensive convention that can be used to save this declining species, through safeguarding their habitat with everyday building materials.

"Frankly, I cannot see a better use made of the levelling up and regeneration bill than leveraging its potential to introduce a national policy to protect this iconic British bird." CEN MP Robert Courts said: "Our planning system should encourage nature, not work against it, and the government should think carefully about how we can integrate more swift bricks into new developments."

CEN Director Sam Hall said: "It’s a quick, simple, and cheap measure to restore nature, which would not conflict with important housebuilding targets. I hope ministers listen to Conservative Environment Network MPs calling for this measure."

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