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Top UK energy firms to warn Rishi Sunak: ‘Don’t back off green agenda’

Speaking to the Observer, Sharma, the former president of Cop26, said it was time for the government to stop dithering and reform planning rules to allow more onshore windfarms. “The OBR report reinforces the economic case to move much faster on deployment of renewables in our energy system, which will ultimately help to bring down household energy bills and protect us from future fossil fuel price shocks,” Sharma said.

“One quick win to unlock green energy investment would be for the government to stop prevaricating and reform the planning system now to allow for more onshore wind to be built, which is one of the cheapest forms of energy available.”

Tory MP and chair of the House of Commons environmental audit committee Philip Dunne said the government needed to “get on with the transition”.

“It is critical to use everything in our toolbox: from solar farms to onshore wind, tidal to floating offshore wind. The government must double down on efforts and meet its ambitions for renewable energy to power our economy and to electrify heat for buildings.”

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