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Staffordshire Moorlands District Council: Green Infrastructure Delivery Plan

  • Purpose: As a rural area with nature surrounding it, the District Council produced a green infrastructure strategy to improve local green spaces. It aims to deliver the four council’s corporate aims (to create a safer and healthier environment; effective use and provision of resources; support local economy and support further regeneration; and protect and improve the environment and respond to the climate emergency).

  • Description: The Staffordshire Moorlands District Council commissioned its local Wildlife Trust to produce the strategy, which includes a description of habitat opportunities and how they can be created, enhanced or connected. It also details how the connectivity of green spaces can support other council objectives, such as increasing walking and cycling.

  • Conservative councillor/ council lead: Portfolio Holder for Climate Change and Biodiversity, Cllr Joe Porter and Joanna Bagnall, Senior Regeneration Officer at the Staffordshire Moorlands District Council

  • Further links: The Staffordshire Moorlands Green Infrastructure Delivery Plan, Cllr Joe Porter’s CEN Blog on Green Infrastructure and a Blog on Climate Action Plans.


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