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North Yorkshire County Council: YorBus

  • Location: Ripon, Masham Bedale and the surrounding villages

  • Purpose: In rural North Yorkshire, many residents rely entirely on a private vehicle to get around. To enable residents to make fewer journeys by car and help those who are unable to drive, the county council launched the YorBus service pilot. It looks to give residents a reliable, low-cost and speedy service to go to work, appointments or see family and friends.

  • Description: The service runs from 6:55am to 6pm Monday to Friday and 9am - 6pm on Saturday. Users hail the bus using the YorBus app or by calling customer service to their chosen ‘stop’ up to one day in advance of their journey. The service operates a 14 seat and wheelchair accessible bus that is £2 for adults, £1 for 5 -17 year olds and free for under fives. The county council has proposed to continue and expand the service to other rural areas across North Yorkshire.

  • Funding: £230,000 from the council’s transport budget

  • Conservative councillor/ council lead: Executive Member for highways and transportation, Cllr Keane Duncan and Executive member for working in localities and the council’s response to Climate Change, Cllr Greg White.

  • Further links: The county council’s scheme information page, website page on service extension, council’s video describing the scheme and Carbon Copy’s write up


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