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North East Derbyshire Council: Retrofitting programme

  • Location: Alferton, Derbyshire

  • Purpose: The residents in the North East Derbyshire’s social housing are at a high risk of fuel poverty. The council’s social housing retrofitting programme seeks to cut emissions while keeping residents warmer and cutting their bills.

  • Description: The council is installing external insulation on hard-to-heat social housing. Each home takes five to seven days to retrofit. The council has worked with social housing provider Rykneld Homes to coordinate retrofitting 324 properties and the Sustainable Building Services. The Council expects to save over £92,000 (£280+ per home) from the scheme through lower energy bills. Residents of the homes already retrofitted have reported that their homes are now much more cosy. The programme has created 10 jobs in the local area.

  • Funding: £2.5 million invested by the council in the first round along with £565,000 of funding from the Green Homes Grant Local Delivery Scheme. The second round was funded with £1.07 million from the Green Homes Grant Local Delivery Scheme along with £7.2 million of the council’s own investment.

  • Conservative councillor/council lead: Portfolio Holder for Overall Strategic Leadership, Cllr Alex Dale and Portfolio Holder for Housing and Community Safety, Cllr Carolyn Renwick.

  • Further links: Ashden Climate Climate Solutions in Action website and Friends for the Earth, Take Climate Action website.


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