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Lincoln County Council: Lincoln transport strategy 2020 - 2036

  • Location: Lincolnshire

  • Purpose: The council was concerned about a number of issues limiting the mobility of residents (including exposure to climate change, air pollution hotspots, and physical barriers such as A-roads for those without a car). The council’s transport strategy seeks to ensure that the growing population of Lincoln can still easily and affordably access education, employment, friends and family, and leisure activities, whilst preserving the area's character.

  • Description: The strategy will prioritise active travel, shared mobility, and then mitigate the residual impacts of traffic, e.g. air and noise pollution, by:

    • Creating new green corridors to provide a space for walking and cycling;

    • Building a new walking and cycling network;

    • Increasing the number of electric car charging stations to support residents living in suburban and rural areas;

    • Introducing bus priority measures to incentivise public transport usage;

    • Creating shared mobility hubs;

    • Introducing flexible and on demand transport services;

    • Establishing smarter bus ticketing across the Lincolnshire bus network.

  • Conservative councillor/ council lead: Cllr Richard Davies, Executive Member for Highways and Transport and Andy Gutherson, executive director (council officer) for place.

  • Further links: Lincoln transport strategy 2020 - 2036


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