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Lancashire County Council: Highway decarbonisation strategy

  • Council: Lancashire County Council

  • Project name: Highway Decarbonisation Strategy

  • Location: Lancashire

  • Purpose: Lancashire County Council originally had a 2030 net zero target (now 2040). As part of its strategy to reach net zero, the council looked at how to reduce emissions from the whole lifecycle of a road. The plan looks at using more environmentally friendly materials, the council’s procurement process, and how to ensure roads have the longest lifetime possible.

  • Description: The strategy sits among a set of policies looking to reduce transport emissions in Lancashire, including good active travel infrastructure. As part of its baseline calculations for reaching net zero, the council realised that building and maintaining its roads was carbon intensive. In response, the strategy looks at a range of different materials that the council could procure when maintaining or building new roads and sets a number of targets for its road decarbonisation. The strategy also looks at how the council can strike the balance between the higher upfront costs of these greener materials, the benefits of a reduction in emissions, and the long term financial savings.

  • Conservative councillor/council lead: Cabinet Member for Environment and Climate Change, Cllr Shaun Turner and Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport, Cllr Rupert Swarbrick

  • Further links: Lancashire County Council strategy write up, and LGA case studies write up


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