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Hertfordshire County Council: Carbon neutral buildings

  • Location: Hertfordshire

  • Purpose: As a part of its ‘Sustainable Hertfordshire Strategy’ the council has been rolling out energy efficiency improvements and installing new clean heat sources to reach its 2030 carbon neutral target for its operations. With rising energy prices, the programme will cut carbon emissions and the council’s energy bills.

  • Description: The council has been installing cavity wall insulation, double glazing, clean energy sources, including several air source heat pumps and solar panels, at 97 locations. Surplus energy is fed back into the grid. The council plans to continue and expand the programme with heat decarbonisation and energy efficiency plans in place for the county’s schools.

  • Funding: £23.5m from the Public Sector Decarbonisation Fund (this includes the funding for school decarbonisation)

  • Conservative councillor/ council lead: Executive Member for the Environment, Cllr Eric Buckmaster

  • Further links: Hertfordshire County Council website announcement and the Sustainable Hertfordshire Strategy



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