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Government adopts Green Tories' plan to use fines from polluting water companies to restore rivers

Responding to the government’s announcement that money raised from fining illegally polluting water firms will be ringfenced to tackle water pollution, CEN MP Philip Dunne commented:

"I'm delighted that the government has responded so swiftly to this suggestion that the polluter should pay to fix the problem.

“I have worked with other members of the Conservative Environment Network's Parliamentary Caucus as well as other civil society groups campaigning on water quality issues to recommend new river restoration schemes should be created using money raised from fining illegally polluting water companies.

"We must take a tough approach on firms that pollute our rivers, damaging habitats and stopping people from enjoying these precious natural assets. It's right that any money raised from fines is used to help restore local rivers and waterways for nature and recreational activities.

"This is another welcome move from this Conservative government on rivers, which has done more than any other to tackle water pollution."


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