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East Riding of Yorkshire Council: Sustainable Home Guide

  • Location: East Riding of Yorkshire

  • Purpose: Given the location of the East Riding of Yorkshire (close to the coastline and the Humber Estuary) residents are particularly vulnerable and concerned with the impacts of climate change. Given this and rapidly rising gas prices, the council has created a simple guide for residents to highlight easy ways to improve home insulation to be more energy efficient and cut bills.

  • Description: The guide breaks down the lifestyle swaps and efficiency measures to reduce energy consumption, conserve water, reduce waste, protect and boost biodiversity and reduce travel emissions. Each ‘tip’ has the initial investment needed and the potential saving to be made. The guide sets out whether the improvements can be DIY projects, need a handyman or the council provides support on the measure.

  • Conservative councillor/ council lead: Cabinet Member for Planning, Infrastructure and Housing, Cllr Claire Holmes and Cabinet Member for Environment and Climate Change, Cllr Chris Matthews

  • Further links: The Guide


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