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Croydon Council: Energy Efficiency Programme and Sustainable heating initiative

  • Location: New Addington, Croydon

  • Purpose: Croydon Council’s energy efficiency programme is looking to support vulnerable and low income households by making their homes more efficient to reduce bills and installing low-carbon energy solutions.

  • Description: The programme will offer advice and support for people to insulate their homes. This will underpin the council’s sustainable heating initiative which will see 40 council owned flats powered by a ground source heat pump and fitted with double glazing and insulation. In 2020 (when the project started) it was estimated to save households £300 per year on energy bills and help the council lower their maintenance budgets.

  • Funding: The programme was funded through the government’s ‘private-sector minimum energy efficiency standard compliance and enforcement funding’ competition. The sustainable heating initiative is funded through a combination of the council funding start-up costs and the energy regulator, Ofgem, pledging to pay most back through grants.

  • Conservative councillor/ council lead: Cabinet Member for Sustainable Croydon, Cllr Muhammad Ali

  • Further links: Home Energy Efficiency Programme - Croydon Council website, Minimum Energy Efficiency standard - landlord guidance and Croydon Council - sustainable heating initiative funding announcement.

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