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Comment on Chancellor’s autumn statement

Responding to the Chancellor's autumn statement, Director of the Conservative Environment Network Sam Hall commented:

"It was very welcome to hear the Chancellor's emphasis on clean energy and energy efficiency. Our dependence on European gas markets under the malign influence of Putin is to blame for inflation, low economic growth, and high public borrowing. Building more renewables and insulating more homes will help tackle all these challenges. "Given the fiscal backdrop, a windfall tax on energy firms is understandable. But it is concerning that electricity generators won't receive an investment allowance for new wind and solar projects. "The long-term energy efficiency funding commitment, task force and target will give industry more confidence to invest in the insulation supply chain and workforce. To complement the grant schemes for fuel-poor households, the government should also introduce revenue-neutral incentives like energy-saving stamp duty and low-cost loans, to boost insulation rates among owner-occupiers. "Tax rises for EVs were inevitable as battery technology became cheaper and more popular with motorists. The government must maintain momentum behind the transition by confirming the zero-emission vehicle mandate, requiring the private sector to deliver affordable electric cars to the market."


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