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Canterbury City Council: Canterbury District Transport Strategy 2014-2031

  • Location: Canterbury

  • Purpose: Canterbury Council’s corporate aims include contributing to the good health of residents, making the community a place to be proud of, and enabling infrastructure improvements to regenerate and deliver economic growth. Its local plan requires 16,000 new homes over a 20-year period. The new transport strategy was designed to deliver the objectives of good health and building new homes.

  • Description: The transport strategy included a priority of promoting sustainable travel without impeding on the city’s character or causing greater congestion and pollution overall. It includes new walking and cycle paths, bus services improvements, and more 20mph zones.

  • Funding: The strategy proposes £8.5 million of sustainable transport schemes, which has been funded out of general council revenues.

  • Conservative councillor/ council lead: Kent County Council’s Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport, David Brazier and Deputy Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport, Cllr Dan Watkins. Canterbury Council’s Portfolio Holder for Strategy and Improvement, Cllr Ben Fitter-Harding, Portfolio Holder for Place, Cllr Barbara Anne Flack and Portfolio Holder for People, Cllr Joe Howes.

  • Further links: Canterbury’s Strategy 2014-2031, and Kent County Council: Local Transport Plan 4 Delivering Growth without Gridlock 2016–2031


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