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Call to cut UK subsidies as Drax power station profits nearly double

The Conservative MP Pauline Latham said: “The government pays significant sums in renewable energy subsidies to bioenergy companies making sizeable profits, despite it releasing huge amounts of greenhouse gases and harming forests’ ability to absorb carbon.

“This directly costs bill payers and families through their energy bills. In the context of the cost of living crisis, the government should be looking into these subsidies and ensuring they are used for proven renewable energy sources and energy efficiency measures, rather than harming nature.”

Sally-Ann Hart, a Conservative MP, said: “Burning imported wood pellets for electricity is not cheap for bill payers. Given the growing environmental concerns, ministers shouldn’t commit to new subsidies for this energy source.

“We should prioritise investment in clean and cheap energy sources that keep the lights on and bills low while tackling climate change, not an industry which risks fuelling deforestation.”


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