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Bromley Council: Electrical waste collection

  • Council: London Borough of Bromley

  • Project name: Household waste and recycling collection: batteries, vapes, and small electrical items

  • Location: Bromley, London

  • Purpose: Electrical waste is the fastest growing waste stream, with the average person in the UK producing 24kg of e-waste per year. Batteries, vapes, and electrical items should not be put in regular bins and recycling as they present a fire risk. They also contain precious metals that can be recycled but only if they are disposed of properly.

  • Description: In 2019, Bromley Council introduced a weekly kerbside collection for small electrical items to increase e-waste recycling rates. The council created a definitive list of items that they would pick up, which includes:

    1. Most batteries

    2. Irons

    3. Toasters

    4. Mobile phones

    5. Laptops

    6. MP3 players

    7. Vapes

The council also detailed household items that are not included in the kerbside scheme.

  • Conservative councillor/council lead: Portfolio Holder for Resources, Commissioning, and Contract Management, Cllr Stephen Marlow; and Portfolio Holder for Sustainability, Green Services, and Open Spaces, Cllr Aisha Cuthbert

  • Further links: The council information webpage


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