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International case studies

Across the world, centre-right parties and politicians are leading the response to climate change and deploying innovative, market-led policies to cut emissions and grow the economy. We simply will not meet global climate goals without the support of conservatives, classical liberals, Christian democrats and free marketeers. From the UK to Norway, and from Chile to the Maldives, it is the centre-right that is showing the way.

With this in mind, the Conservative Environment Network is compiling a series of case studies to demonstrate how centre-right governments have implemented positive and effective policies on climate change, with a view to sharing these with our international network. This is a collaborative effort and we are keen to hear ideas from legislators and policymakers across the globe. about what has worked well. If you are interested in our work or wish to contribute to it, please email


Canada-US air quality agreement | Canadian Conservative Party & US Republican Party

Read about the Canada-US Air Quality Agreement. This cross border treaty put in force measures to successfully improve air pollution and tackle acid rain.


Rekorderlig Renovering | Swedish Moderate Party

Read about the ‘rekorderlig renovering’, or ‘record-breaking renovation’ method used in Sweden during the Moderate Reinfeldt government which helps homeowners increase their energy efficiency.


Emissions Reduction Fund | Australia's Liberal and National Coalition

Read about the Liberal-National Coalition’s policy of the Emissions Reduction Fund, Australia’s flagship emissions reduction policy which incentivises farmers to sequester carbon and care for their soil.


Contracts for Difference | UK Conservative Party

Read about the Conservative party’s Contracts for Difference scheme, the UK’s main mechanism for supporting low carbon electricity generation led to rapid decarbonisation


Tackling Rikkeviddeangst | Norwegian Høyre Party

Read about how the Norwegian Høyre party tackled range anxiety - or ‘rikkeviddeangst’ and implemented electric vehicle charging points in Norway.


Pole and line fishing | Maldivan Democratic Party

Read about how the Maldivan Democratic Party enshrined pole and line fishing into law and turned their biggest export into a low carbon bounty - and how other countries can support sustainable fishing with free trade.


Scambio Sul Posto | Italian Popolo Della Liberta

Read how the Italian Popolo della Liberta party introduced net metering to encourage the take up of solar panels on rooftops.


Electrifying Sydney | New South Wales Liberal and National Coalition

Read about the Coalition government of New South Wales’s plan to electrify the vehicles in New South Wales, phase out traditional ICE vehicles and even introduce road pricing


City of Cape Town vs Eskom | South African Democratic Alliance Party

Read about the court case brought by the Cape Town Democratic Alliance party to break a state owned monopoly on electricity and allow South Africans to sell renewable energy directly to the grid.

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