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The European Journal: 2021

The Conservative Environment Network collaborated with New Direction to produce 2021's The European Journal. This opinion journal gathers the thoughts of world-renowned experts on the crucial issues facing Europe today, exploring Conservative andwers to some of the greatest challenges.

With the UK hosting COP26 and the G7, and the CBD biodiversity summit taking place in China, 2021 is a major year for the environment. As policy makers worldwide focus on “Building Back Better” after Covid-19, it is crucial that conservatives contribute to this debate and help shape the nature of the recovery.


Articles include:

  • A major year for the environment by Sam Hall, Director of CEN

  • A history of conservative environmentalism from Theodore Roosevelt to Theresa May by James Cullimore, Programmes Officer at CEN

  • How private finance can deliver net zero by Dr Ben Caldecott, founding Director of the Oxford Sustainable Finance Programme and CEN Board Member

  • The pro-market case for a carbon price by Rachel Wolf, secretariat of the Zero Carbon Emission and co-author of the Conservative Party Election Manifesto in 2019

  • Why climate change is the great security challenge of our time by Michael Stephens, Associate Fellow at the Royal United Services Institute

  • Clean, free trade is the muscle that international climate action needs by Jack Richardson, Climate Programmes Manager at CEN

  • Putting nature at the heart of the recovery from Covid-19 by Ted-Christie Miller, Senior Researcher at Onward

  • How we can put a stop to the barbaric lion trade by Lord Ashcroft, author of ‘Unfair Game: an expose on South Africa’s captive-bred lion industry’

  • Feeding the world while saving the planet by Richard Walker, Managing Director of Iceland Foods

  • Ocean rescue by Ruth Edwards MP, CEN Caucus member and Member of Parliament for Rushcliffe

  • Environmental localism by Saqib Bhatti MP, CEN Caucus member and Member of Parliament for Meriden

  • China: Climate friend or foe? by Alicia Kearns MP, CEN Caucus member and Member of Parliament for Rutland and Melton

  • Beyond Greta: young conservatives want to protect the environment too by Danielle Butcher, Executive Vice President at the America Conservation Coalition (ACC)

  • Why the US republicans are waking up to the treat of climate change by Alex Flint, Executive Director of the Alliance for Market Solutions

  • Realising Australia’s renewable energy potential by Leo Shanahan, strategic comms adviser and award-winning journalist

  • Pakistan’s super year for nature by Malik Amin Aslam Khan, advisor on climate change to the Prime Minister of Pakistan and Global Vice President of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)

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