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Fuelling the future: Prosperity and security in the net zero age.

The essay collection brings together ten contributions from senior centre-right politicians from Ukraine, Chile, South Africa, Mexico, Australia, Scotland, Wales, Switzerland, Germany and Norway to set out an ambitious and conservative path away from reliance on fossil fuels and towards net zero.

The collection, which features a foreword from former UK Foreign Secretary and Leader of the Conservative Party, William Hague, sets out the different components of a centre-right approach to the transition away from fossil fuels, based around harnessing private enterprise and seizing the economic opportunities of decarbonisation.

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Essay authors​

  • Lord Hague of Richmond - Foreword

  • Oleksii Goncharenko, People’s Deputy of Ukraine: Clean energy for a free world 

  • Andrew McLachlan, Senator for South Australia: A conservative path to net zero

  • Virginia Crosbie, UK Member of Parliament for Ynys Môn: Securing a green legacy for the UK

  • Dave Bryant, Member of the National Assembly of South Africa: A just transition to a brighter future

  • Liam Kerr, Scottish Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Education and Skills, and former Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Net Zero and Energy: Investing in Scotland's future 

  • Damian Müller, Member of the Council of States of Switzerland: Empowering technological progress: Switzerland's path to net zero

  • Gabriel Quadri, Member of the Chamber of Deputies of Mexico: The centre-right is the greener way

  • Thomas Heilmann, Member of the German Bundestag: We need to put aside our despondency

  • Marco Antonio Sulantay, Member of the Chamber of Deputies of Chile: A constitution for people, planet and prosperity

  • Nikolai Astrup, Member of the Norwegian Storting: The future is electric

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