Conservative MPs welcome major boost for offshore wind industry

MPs from the Conservative Environment Network Caucus have welcomed a new partnership between Government and industry that is set to treble the number of "green collar" jobs by the end of the next decade. 

Commenting ahead of the launch of the sector deal, Sir Roger Gale MP said, "Thanet (home of Vattenfall in the U.K.) already benefits from jobs and energy generated by our about-to-expand wind farm.This benefit will grow as storage technology and capacity increases. The more offshore wind the better".

The offshore wind "sector deal" will also boost the number of women and young people working in this growing UK industry.

Rebecca Pow MP said, "It’s great to see the offshore wind sector setting ambitious targets to recruit more women into this dynamic green industry, especially in the lead up to International Women’s Day. I hope this will encourage more women to consider a career in STEM and go for these exciting apprenticeship opportunities."

Renewables generated over 30% of UK power last year, and the shift away from coal to other sources of electricity generation has been a key factor behind the UK's record on emissions reduction.

Robert Courts MP commented, "Offshore wind will play a crucial part in the world's future energy mix. As other countries follow our lead in shifting from fossil fuels to renewable energy they will need this new technology - so this sector deal helps us to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, and secure the jobs of the future."

Since 1990, the UK has cut greenhouse gas emissions by 42 per cent while its economy has grown by two thirds. Pupils from around the world UK recently went "on strike" as part of a global campaign for action on climate change.

Richard Graham MP said that the sector deal offered "great opportunities for climate change marchers to find jobs in Europe’s fastest growing green economy, under a Conservative government."

Despite the new offshore wind sector deal, the route to market for the cheapest new source of electricity generation - onshore wind - remains closed.

Simon Clarke MP said, "The recent cost reductions in offshore wind show that not only will power generated by wind help us to tackle climate change, but that it can cut household bills and make industrial energy costs more competitive. We can become the Saudi Arabia of wind power - to make the most of this huge potential the Government should now also provide a route to market for onshore wind developments where there is local support."


 - Details of the offshore wind sector deal can be found here

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