CEN welcomes today's government commitment to Net Zero

The Conservative Environment Network (CEN) has welcomed the Government's announcement that it will join the Carbon Neutrality Coalition and commit to reaching net zero emissions by 2050.

The Government published a press release this morning stating that the UK will be 'joining the Carbon Neutrality Coalition, an initiative led by New Zealand and the Marshall Islands that will promote long-term planning and ambitious action in support of the Paris Agreement’s collective goals of net-zero global emissions by the second half of this century.'

CEN has been campaigning for a commitment to Net Zero, led by CEN MP Simon Clarke, and has welcomed the news today. Sam Richards, Director of CEN said, "It's fantastic news that the UK will join the Carbon Neutrality Coalition and work alongside allies in the fight against climate change like New Zealand to go net zero by 2050.

We know that in order to stop climate change we need to reach net zero by 2050. Leading the way offers the UK the chance to secure good green jobs - such as manufacturing electric vehicles and offshore wind turbines - while restoring our countryside to act as a sink of any remaining carbon emissions.

A net zero target is hugely popular - a recent poll showed 64% of voters want to reduce our emissions to zero in the next few decades. This bold commitment from the Prime Minister is welcome news for our country and our planet."

Simon Clarke MP delivered a letter to Number 10 on the 11th September signed by 132 MPs calling on the Government to commit to Net Zero by 2050. On submitting the letter, Simon wrote, 'We need to make sure we pass on our planet in good condition to our children and grandchildren. That’s why I was proud to go to 10 Downing Street to submit a letter I have organised this summer, signed by over 130 MPs from all parties and over 50 peers, offering our support to the Government to deliver “net zero” carbon emissions by 2050. This would mean the end of carbon pollution in the U.K. - and would be a huge step towards saving the planet. The falling costs of renewable energy mean we can achieve this goal without imposing higher costs for consumers.'


The Government press release can be found here: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/uk-expertise-to-help-developing-countries-tackle-climate-change-and-move-to-cleaner-energy

For more on the MP letter: https://www.simon-clarke.org.uk/news/protecting-future-our-planet