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What the Autumn Statement means for Net Zero

While the Chancellor’s Net Zero measures were broadly welcomed by green Tories from the Conservative Environment Networks (CEN), which represents a group of 150 parliamentarians, they also urged the party to go further on incentives to encourage homeowners and landlords to green their homes.

CEN director Sam Hall said: “There are a couple of areas that we were campaigning on with our caucus in the run up to the Autumn Statement where we didn’t see announcements today.

“Energy efficiency is one of them … we’re calling for a stamp duty reduction for energy efficient homes with a rebate for homeowners that moved in and then retrofitted within a couple of years.

“So we still think there’s a gap there, particularly with energy bills staying high, with growing concern around energy security. We’ve got to do something about the gas that we waste through our leaky buildings,” he said.

Mr Hall said there was “a lot to welcome” in the statement when it came to measures for reaching net zero, including investment in green manufacturing and measures to attract international investment.

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