The Conservative Environment Network is an independent forum for the advancement of the theory of Conservative Environmentalism.

Conservative Environmentalism sees the health and economic resilience of future society as partly rooted in decisions taken today. It accepts the environment within the purview of conservative politics. It favours decentralised solutions which harness the power of free markets, thereby aligning economic and environmental health. Where necessary, it asks governments to facilitate such markets. It recalls to us the clear messages handed down by generations of conservative thinkers from Edmund Burke to Adam Smith to Margaret Thatcher. It reclaims the positive environmental track record of conservative governments around the world.

The Network is not a policy think tank or commercial lobbying organisation.

Only a revived conservative focus on responsibilityinnovation, and well-functioning markets will secure a stable society and healthy economy for present and future generations.

CEN staff, our work and our projects are funded by philanthropic foundations and donors. We are extremely grateful for support from the European Climate Foundation.

We also collaborate with like-minded partners on events and reports on an ad hoc basis, which often involves sponsorship funding. If you're interested in working with CEN on a future project or event then please do get in touch.

Society is indeed a contract. It is a partnership not only between those who are living but between those who are living, those who are dead, and those who are to be born.
— Edmund Burke

CEN works through promoting conservative voices within the environmental movement and promoting environmentalism in conservative politics. We do this through a combination of thought leadership, convening and the fostering of networks both in public and privately. Leading NGOs and businesses shape their approaches to environmental policy

We have published, under the CEN banner, two landmark publications on conservative environmentalism. Responsibility and Resilience was a landmark expression of what the environment means to conservatives. It was launched by the now Environment Secretary Rt Hon Michael Gove MP and received widespread coverage. Late last year we launched Thinking Differently, which featured essays on the environment from leading Conservative MPs and was launched by Rt Hon Sajid Javid MP supported by 25 parliamentary colleagues. 

We have also worked with Bright Blue to jointly publish Saving Global Nature looking into greening the UK's Official Development Assistance. 

CEN is a small organisation which continues to have a big influence on the shape of our politics and the political approach to the environment. The conservative environmentalist movement has never been stronger and CEN is crucial to embedding this long-term shift in approach.