We support the establishment of a new legal framework to halt and reverse the decline in our ecosystems, so that future generations can enjoy and be protected by the UK’s natural inheritance. We support a new system of rural payments that is based on the principle that public money should be used to secure ecological gains for the benefit of the public, and promotes a vibrant rural economy including high-quality, sustainable agriculture.

CEN MPs have scrutinised and supported the passage of the Fisheries, Environment and Agriculture Bills through Parliament following the Brexit referendum. Each piece of legislation offers a historic opportunity to place the environment at the heart of UK policy.


Robert Courts MP on the Common Agriculture Policy


Simon Clarke MP on an inspiring green Brexit


Rebecca Pow MP on environmental net gain


Zac Goldsmith MP on the new Agriculture Bill

The Caucus have aimed to enhance this legislation to ensure greater environmental protections, including through Nature Recovery Networks and investment in habitats for pollinators. This builds on the work outlined in the 25 Year Environment Plan and aims to see these pledges fully implemented. CEN Ambassador Robert Lingard has written about the importance of these policies for our blog.


Ben Bradley MP on the impacts of Brexit on bees


Rebecca Pow MP on reconnecting health and nature


Richard Benyon MP on climate change over Brexit


Robert Courts MP on Nature Recovery Networks

CEN invited Social Enterprises with an environmental message to meet with Treasury Minister Robert Jenrick MP to share their views on how being green is good for their business, and how strong targets in the Environment Bill can support that. We also hosted a reception to discuss the opportunities for enhancing animal welfare legislation post-Brexit.