We believe that climate change creates severe risks for global stability and prosperity, and that the UK must therefore continue to lead the way not only in promoting adaptation but also in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

CEN MPs have supported the call for a net zero by 2050 emissions target. This has been led by Simon Clarke MP’s letter to the Prime Minister, signed by 190 MPs, and Alex Chalk MP’s Bill to set a net zero target in law, which was introduced in May. CEN Ambassadors Naomi Harris and Barnaby Wharton have also written about the case for net zero and the results of the IPCC report for our blog.


Sir Nicholas Soames MP on finishing the job we started in Paris with net zero


Alex Chalk MP on why he’s introducing his Net Zero Bill in Parliament


Richard Benyon MP on the right response to school climate strikers


Simon Clarke MP on the Climate Change Act’s 10th birthday

The Caucus wrote to the Prime Minister to support her bid for the UK to host the international UN Climate Conference COP26 in 2020, where we will set out the next stages of the Paris Agreement. They also strongly supported the advice from the Committee on Climate Change regarding how to meet our Paris commitments and go for net zero, which was published in May.


CEN MPs also responded to an article in The Times stating that climate change divided Conservative MPs, and asked the Prime Minister to adopt a net zero target as soon as possible.

Sir, We were disappointed to read Rachel Sylvester’s piece “Climate divides Tories just as much as Brexit”, which presented a misleading view of the attitudes of Conservative MPs to climate change and the environment-5.png

CEN has hosted a Net Zero conference to discuss the impacts, policy requirements and related implications for shipping, heat, land use and industry. The Chair of the Committee on Climate Change, Lord Deben, closed the conference following four panels covering each subject respectively. We were also one of the organisations to co-host young climate activist Greta Thunberg during her visit to the UK, where she spoke about her School Strike for Climate campaign.