We believe that the best future for UK manufacturing industry lies in clean growth, and that government policy should therefore support R&D and investment in clean technologies. We support the promotion of electric vehicles, alongside active transport and increased planting of trees to tackle air pollution on our roads and streets.

CEN MPs have supported increased investment in energy efficient, low carbon homes as a vital way to utilise clean technologies to reduce emissions from housing as well as lower consumer bills. They have also called for high environmental standards to support businesses and boost clean growth.


Kevin Hollinrake MP on energy bills and low carbon homes


Antoinette Sandbach MP on the importance of energy efficiency


Sarah Newton MP on the launch of her domestic home insulation Bill


Kevin Hollinrake MP on how high standards help businesses

CEN MPs supported Offshore Wind Week and Green Great Britain Week to showcase low carbon businesses and the benefits of clean growth. We have also hosted events discussing accelerating the transition to electric vehicles, and various events to support renewables including a drop in reception for MPs to hear the good news about the cheapest form of electricity generation - onshore wind! CEN Ambassador Amy Yiannitsarou outlined the facts about this popular renewable technology for our blog.