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Launch of the Caucus Manifesto


Conservatives in Government have a record to be proud of on emissions reduction, and a strong tradition of stewardship for our natural environment. However, it is clear that we must do more to avoid the devastating impacts of a 2°C world, and reverse the decline in the 1 million species that we are driving to extinction. 

The Manifesto outlines conservative responses to these environmental questions, providing a space for parts of the conservative movement to express and debate views on how to achieve better environmental outcomes. CEN hopes that these questions, and the proposed solutions, will continue to be considered and implemented by any future Conservative government. We will therefore also be inviting the remaining leadership candidates to respond to the policies outlined in the manifesto and share their green goals.

Due to a high level of interest places will be confirmed the Friday prior to the launch, the location will then be shared with guests (Central Westminster). Register your interest by emailing