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Being Green Pays

We recently celebrated the first Green Great Britain Week, highlighting the many successes of clean growth in the UK. These successes are in no small part due to Government support and the clear messages of decarbonisation outlined in the world-leading Climate Change Act.

Now Brexit offers new opportunities for the UK to innovate and create its own policies. Alongside the opportunity to create new rewards for environmental farmers as we leave the CAP, so does it offer chances to set new standards for cleaner air, clearer water and lower emissions. Just as the UK has done before, these can be world leading and set the bar that other countries aim to follow.

Social Enterprise UK is teaming up with CEN to bring their green social enterprises to Westminster to share their views on how being environmentally conscious has helped to boost their profits. They see strong environmental targets as vital to business certainty and setting a clear direction of travel for businesses to respond to. The Environment Bill has the potential to set strong and meaningful standards that could enable further clean growth with clear signals to industry.

Please note this event is for Parliamentarians and invited guests only - if you’re a Parliamentarian interested in attending then please email for more details.

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