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CEN Ambassador programme

Our ambassador programme is designed to support our grassroots work promoting conservative environmentalism. 


We offer ways for our ambassadors to get involved with our work, feed into our campaigns, and shape our supporter network. 


Who are we looking for:

We are seeking well-connected ambassadors of all ages and backgrounds within the conservative movement based across the country who are passionate about the environment. 


A good understanding of conservative politics and environmental policies is required but ambassadors do not need to be Conservative Party members. 


As a forum, we welcome diverse views, discussion and disagreement, but ambassadors are required to agree with our principles and support ambitious environmental action.

What CEN offers ambassadors:


We offer our ambassadors priority invites to in-person events hosted by CEN, including our exclusive quarterly drink receptions. We also list our ambassadors on our website and publish their blogs.


We hold virtual meetings every four months with ambassadors to update them on our work, get their feedback and suggestions, and ask for their advice on future supporter events. Ambassadors will be able to help shape our grassroots programme.


We are also looking to host an annual away day, including dinner and drinks, for ambassadors, where they can discuss environmental policy and review CEN’s campaigns and grassroots work. We will also look to include talks from interesting speakers on the day.


What we ask of ambassadors:


We would like ambassadors to be at the heart of our growing supporter network, helping to bring conservatives together to discuss environmental policy and promote more ambitious action within the conservative movement. We ask that ambassadors support this work by helping CEN with events, recruitment, representation and feedback.

  • Events:
    - Advertising and attending CEN’s supporter and councillor events on social media, WhatsApp groups, and their grassroots contacts.
    - Assist CEN in engaging the conservative movement in their area by letting us know about regional conferences or other grassroots opportunities.
    - Support CEN in drafting invitee lists for regional events we hold.

  • Recruitment:
    - Sign up twenty supporters and councillors a year. 

  • Represent: 

         - Represent CEN at local conservative events, please let us know, and we can provide resources. 

  • Feedback:

- Provide feedback on our grassroots work, make recommendations and contribute to our campaigns.

We will support all ambassadors to deliver these commitments and review the programme every year.



Ambassadors are not media spokespeople for CEN so we ask that they do not make broadcast appearances in relation to their role with us. If ambassadors do wish to write an article or blog as an ambassador, we ask that they show us the piece in advance.

We also ask that ambassadors agree to the principles outlined in the CEN supporter network pledge and a code of conduct as a requirement of joining the programme.


We ask that ambassadors remain engaged in the programme for as long as they remain an ambassador. Ambassadors who do not attend the virtual ambassador meetings for a year will be assumed to have left the programme.


How to apply:


We recruit new ambassadors to our programme year round so we welcome applications at any time.


You can apply by filling out and submitting the application form on our website {LINK}. We will endeavour to respond to your application as soon as possible. 

Please contact our Outreach Manager Isabel if you have any questions.

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